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Dr. Vittorio Altomare Breast Cancer Unit presentation Visiona/See
Dr. Nafez Sarhan The first Breast Cancer Unit in Palestine Visiona/See
Dr. Jakob De Vries Risk communication and imaging in breast cancer Visiona/See
Dr. Isabel T. Rubio Challenges in breast cancer surgery after neoadjuvant treatment Visiona/See
Dr. Giuseppe Perrone Prosigna, making the right decision about chemotherapy Visiona/See
Dr. Claudio Buoni Presentation and introduction of the Breast Cancer Unit Visiona/See
Dr. Claudio Buoni Beit Jala Hospital in Palestine. Progetto di cooperazione allo sviluppo Visiona/See
Dr. Belal Abufkhaida Quality of life of operated breast cancer patients in Palestine Visiona/See
Dr. Belal Abufkhaida Breast Surgery Visiona/See
Dr. Asad Ramlawi Palestinian national policies of cancer preventions and control including epidemiological profile of breast cancer Visiona/See